"As your State Representative, my job is to seek to represent you, the residents of District 96, to the best of my ability in the Tennessee House of Representatives.  To do that, I need to listen to your concerns and understand what state government can do to make our lives better.  Also, I strive to educate citizens in the district as to how state government, centered 200 miles away, affects our daily lives.  I feel privileged to be able to serve you, my neighbors."




I have consistently supported legislation to:

  • Fund the Basic Education Program.

  • Support the Governor’s Re-Connect Act to let non-traditional students attend college or technical school tuition-free for up to 2 years.

  • Support legislation to end the constant and ineffective testing of students and allow more classroom learning time.

  • Support teachers, the first line of learning in our schools.


Our community suffers from a lack of proper road and highway infrastructure.
We need a voice in Nashville who will secure funding to fix our traffic problems.

  • I supported the Governor’s Improve Act to give long-term, sustainable funding for our State’s roads and bridges.

  • I also had the Administration approve a project to improve the traffic congestion on Germantown Parkway at I-40.

  • I will work towards more road improvements in the future.


We need to expand the availability of Healthcare to as many Tennesseans as possible, as Governor Haslam proposed in his Insure Tennessee proposal. This would :

  • Allow for hundreds of thousands of working people to have basic, affordable healthcare.

  • Halt the surge of hospital closures.

  • Bring our federal tax dollars back to Tennessee rather than sending them to other states.

  • Help to reduce the opioid crisis.


In addition:
I will support a reasonable bill to allow for physician-prescribed cannabis.
I will support legislation to ensure that women have access to good healthcare.


The government has a responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens. I will continue to focus on these issues that affect our community.

1. 2nd Amendment rights and common-sense gun laws
2. Protect the public Against Predatory Lending practices
3. Crime and Criminal Justice Reform


I have supported making hard decisions to protect the public against the pandemic and end it as soon as possible so that we can go back to normal life and rebuild our economy.


Crime is much too high in our neighborhoods.
I have worked closely with local law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe while working with community organizations to attack the root causes of crime.


I sponsored and co-sponsored legislation to:

  • Improve our juvenile justice system.

  • Require more effective penalties for domestic abusers by requiring counseling and treatment in addition to fines and jail sentences.

  • Made it easier for former non-violent offenders to get jobs and become productive citizens.

  • Support our local law enforcement agencies.